We Finance All Types of Industrial Equipment,
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  • Why WC Leasing is Different
  • Lease Types and Your Business
  • Making the Best Decisions

Why WC Leasing is Different:

Industry Experience
With over 25 years in the industrial, vacuum and trucking sales, rental and service we know what equipment works best for your job. Combining that with over 30 years of experience in the banking and finance industry, we know how to structure financing to fit your needs and qualifications. With this combination, we know what really works and how to structure it to meet your cash flow needs based on your situation.

Network of Industry Resources
WC Leasing, LLC has developed an extensive network of equipment dealers and can be a resource to locate equipment as well as assisting with the financing. With our consortium of banking and finance entities around the country, we can accommodate a wide variety of equipment and a wide range of credit backgrounds.

Wide Variety of Financing Alternatives
From Straight up lending to a number of lease alternatives as well as payment structures, WC leasing, LLC will work hard to put the financial solution together that best fits your needs. See our typical financing alternatives here. If your equipment needs or credit structure does not fit what we finance directly, we will work to facilitate financing with one of our banking and finance consortium entities.

Lease Types and Your Business:

Traditional Operating Leases
Save your working capital with this lease option!
This type of lease many times provides the lowest payment and flexibility at the end of the lease... »

TRAC Leases
Benefit from taking care of the equipment during the lease!
Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause leases are a specialized form of leasing that may be structured as an Operating Lease... »

Capital Leases
Keep the tax benefits of ownership with this lease!
Sometimes referred to as Finance Leases or “Dollar-Buy-Out” because the lessee owns and depreciates the equipment on their accounting records... »

Full-Service Leases
Fix your monthly cost of ownership with this lease!
These leases are sometimes referred to as Total Cost of Ownership Leases and offer a predictable monthly cost of ownership... »

Municipal Leases
These specialized financing alternatives are designed to meet the needs of Municipal and Governmental entities qualifying for tax free or reduced taxable rates when funding purchases or leases of equipment... »

Making the Best Decisions:

Don’t Let Cash Flow Restrict Your Business Growth.
When your company needs any type of equipment, we’re happy to provide you with a no-hassle equipment lease... »

When Budget Dollars for New Equipment are Lacking, Everybody Suffers.
When budget dollars aren't available, equipment purchases are put on hold, stifling the progress of the company. This doesn’t help anyone... »

Equipment Leasing from WC Leasing Makes Sense.
As new opportunities arise, the need for additional equipment becomes urgent. Whether a small family enterprise or a multinational corporation, all companies share a common denominator... »

Equipment Leasing through WC Leasing is the Solution.
When a business chooses to finance or lease, the cost of the equipment is spread over a multiple-year term keeping more working capital liquid to fund investments... »

Tax Advantages
The IRS does not consider an operating lease to be a purchase, but rather a tax-deductible, overhead, expense. Therefore, you can deduct the lease payments... »

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