About WC Leasing

We were born in the vacuum truck business...



WC Leasing, LLC was formed in 2012, as an outgrowth of our sister companies - Vacuum Truck Rentals and Vacuum Truck Sales & Service.  Vacuum Truck Rentals has been in the rental business since 1996 and now has 16 offices in over a dozen states.


This heritage gives us the background to know what equipment works for every job.  This experience in the vacuum truck industry allows us to help our clients choose not only their best financing options, but make sure they make the right choice for both used and new equipment.  Every corporate and private operator in this industry has specific needs - industrial, municipal, energy, manufacturing, ports, environmental - and we’ve got a solid track record working with every one.


Another major asset we bring to our clients is our flexibility and variety of financing alternatives.  We offer Traditional Operating Leases, TRAC Leases, Capital Leases and more. Depending on the client’s special business situation, we can recommend the type of financing that best suits their particular situation.  And, if a borrower’s situation changes, we’ve got the flexibility and knowledge to adjust the agreement to better match their new environment.


All that shows that our flexibility is truly unmatched.  We work with our clients to structure the best type of financing and payment levels that meet their cash flow needs. If a client needs a type of equipment we don’t typically handle - say a forklift - we’ll know a banker who does finance forklifts, and we’ll do the intermediary work to get the borrower connected with the right lender. We are also competitive with the largest financial institutions to fund large dollar transactions, or for the best funding rate based on the credit quality of the client.


We can do that because we work on relationships, not just transactions.  Our job is to make our clients successful, so we have regular face-to-face meetings to evaluate their current work environments, goals and markets they serve.  We want them to call us first for all their equipment financing needs. That’s a really big difference between working with WCL and a local banker.  We know the equipment, we’ve experienced the vacuum truck industry first-hand, we know our clients - and many times we know their customers as well.


Our decision-making is made local, so funding decisions are fast. Our clients tell us over and over how easy we are to work with ,and how quickly we make decisions on funding. When a client comes to us, he’s dealing with the decision-makers. We get to know and understand our client’s business, and then make our funding decisions, first hand, right then.  It’s not just about the numbers, it’s about the people, their business, and their work environment.


We know our clients need smart, fast and straightforward decisions so they can get back to their business.  That’s exactly what we provide, every time.



WC Leasing Facts

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