Financing Options

Lease Types and Your Business

Traditional Operating Leases
Save your working capital with this lease option!
This type of lease many times provides the lowest payment and flexibility at the end of the lease. WC Leasing owns and depreciates the equipment and the lessee makes monthly payments for its use during the term of the lease but still maintains an option to purchase at the end of the lease term. Higher residual values usually lower monthly payments below other traditional financing options with the added benefit of no down payment.

TRAC Leases
Benefit from taking care of the equipment during the lease!
Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause leases are a specialized form of leasing that may be structured as an Operating Lease achieving many of the same benefits or structured as a Capital Lease. Depending on the structure, the lessee may have the possibility to benefit if the equipment has a higher market value at the end of the lease term than originally planned, in many cases because the lessee has maintained the equipment in good order.

Capital Leases
Keep the tax benefits of ownership with this lease!
Sometimes referred to as Finance Leases or “Dollar-Buy-Out” because the lessee owns and depreciates the equipment on their accounting records and there is a nominal price, residual value, to buy the equipment at the end of the lease. WC Leasing provides the structured financing for the term. These leases can have flexible terms, rates, structures and termination options.

Full-Service Leases
Fix your monthly cost of ownership with this lease!
These leases are sometimes referred to as Total Cost of Ownership Leases and offer a predictable monthly cost of ownership for your equipment that includes normal maintenance and other items. If you need the other benefits of leasing as well as you want to fix the cost of maintenance over the term of the lease, WC Leasing can arrange this in a growing number of geographic areas. Call us to discuss this convenient option.

Municipal Leases
These specialized financing alternatives are designed to meet the needs of Municipal and Governmental entities qualifying for tax free or reduced taxable rates when funding purchases or leases of equipment. Call us to discuss the flexible options available to meet this specialized need.


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